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As part of the upcoming bus rapid transit system (BRT), Metro is about to upgrade its fleet to more than one third all-electric vehicles, with the addition of 62 New Flyer articulated buses.

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Funded by the Biden Infrastructure Law, the new vehicles provide increased room so that more people can comfortably ride. The buses can transport nearly 120 people, which is 50% more than the capacity on Metro's current local buses.

Starting with the launch of BRT this Fall, these new electric buses will operate on Metro's Rapid Route A, Route B, and other local routes.

Buses are already out on the street as drivers are learning to drive these new vehicles. The electric buses will also be tested this summer on the University of Wisconsin campus.


  • Account-based tap card fare system - with the ability to board with credit cards coming next year
  • Ability to board on both sides of bus with doors at front, middle and rear of vehicle.
  • Will help reduce fuel use by roughly a quarter-million gallons of diesel fuel per year
  • Zero emissions buses can avoid up to at least 135 metric tons of greenhouse gas annually.
  • New lightweight electric traction drive system with up to 90% energy recovery, making them more energy efficient.
  • Creates little to no noise when idling. In motion, they operate at a noise level that is measured below that of a normal conversation. 
  • Improved convenience for those riding in wheelchairs due to a Q’Straint Quantum, an automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement system. 


Implementing all-electric vehicles is part of the City of Madison's MetroForward initiative which aims to improve air quality in the community and reduce the City's overall carbon footprint.

In 2016, Metro purchased its first three all-electric buses with the goal of making 50 percent of its fleet zero emission by 2035.

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