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District 3

Alder Erik Paulson

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Alder Erik Paulson

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Council Office

Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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Alder Paulson’s Updates

Updates November 29, 2020

November 29, 2020 10:59 AM

  1. Providing shelter to homeless families |

  2. Leaf and yard waste pickup continues |

  3. COVID-19 vaccine not likely to be available to the public until Spring 2021 or later |

  4. Kwik Trip's application for an alcohol license approved |

  5. Timing of your COVID-19 test means everything |

  6. Salt route reductions |

  7. Additional meeting highlights for this week |

  8. Metro Transit's public hearing postponed |

  9. Where to get info on winter streets, parking, and snow |

  10. Madison Senior Center & Wisconsin Singers invite you to a free performance  |

  11. Brush up on salt use in 3 easy steps |

  12. Reminder: Madison City Channel now available on Roku |

  13. Reminder: Provide your thoughts on the Shared Streets Program |

  14. COVID-19 updates and resources |

  15. City meetings schedule |

Providing temporary shelter to homeless families

At the November 17 Common Council meeting, zoning changes were approved that would allow for the potential temporary use of the former Karmenta site as a "mission house" for families experiencing homelessness. A Mission House is defined in the City's Zoning Code as 'A facility operated by a religious institution or nonprofit organization that provides lodging. May also include the provision of meals, worship services, or other supportive services.' 

As the winter approaches, the Salvation Army is seeing increased numbers of families experiencing homelessness and is in need of high-quality shelter. 

This zoning change would allow for this site to be potentially temporarily used as a mission house for families experiencing homelessness. Please note that Karmenta falls in District 15. There is further information on this zoning change on Alder Foster's blog

An agreement for the City to lease and purchase the property will be discussed at the Monday, November 30 Finance Committee meeting and the Tuesday, December 1 Common Council meeting. The acquisition of the site would allow greater control by the community in future development plans. The City may sublease the property temporarily to The Salvation Army, and later develop the site. 

A neighborhood meeting on all of these items is being planned for Tuesday, December 15 at 6 pm.

Leaf and yard waste pickup continues for parts of our district

There is still an upcoming pickup date in some parts of our district for leaf and yard waste. You can lookup your address on the Streets website to see if you have an upcoming pickup.

COVID-19 vaccine not likely to be available to the public until Spring 2021 or later

From Public Health Madison and Dane County:

Local health organizations prepare for vaccination of frontline healthcare workers

Local health organizations are calling on the public to be vigilant over the holidays in protecting themselves from COVID-19. Despite recent positive news about vaccine development, the general public is unlikely to receive vaccines until Spring of 2021 at the earliest.

Kwik Trip's application for an alcohol license approved

Kwik Trip's application to sell beer, wine and cider at their future location at 6525 Kilpatrick Lane was approved at the Wednesday, November 18 ALRC meeting. The application for a Class A Beer and a Class A Liquor license included a restriction of no hard liquor.

Kwik Trip is on schedule to open their doors on December 31, 2020.

Timing of your COVID-19 test means everything

-- Adapted from the latest City's Coronavirus Updates email

Dane County is currently under Public Health Order #10, which prohibits indoor gatherings with people you do not live with, and restricts outdoor gatherings to 10 people or less, with physical distancing. Getting tested before gathering with others only tells you if you had COVID on the day you were tested. A negative test does not necessarily mean it is safe to gather with others.

  • If you have concerns about a possible exposure from the Thanksgiving holiday, it is crucial to time your COVID-19 test properly.

  • Unless you are experiencing symptoms, waiting 3-5 days to get tested for COVID-19 after a possible exposure is critical. This allows for enough of the virus to build up in your body that can be detected by a test. Testing prior to that timeframe can produce a false negative result and uses valuable resources, staff time, and creates long wait times for testing for those who need it. While you wait to be tested, it's very important to quarantine for 14 days and watch for symptoms.

  • See Public Health's blog post for examples of what constitutes a close contact, and the testing webpage for details on testing timing and recommendations.

Salt route reductions

From the City Streets Department:

For the winter of 2020/2021, the Streets Division will reduce the overall length of the salt route network by roughly 7% total, approximately 65 miles of Madison streets.

Salt has terrible side effects on our environment. While it helps make our roads clear from snow, it ends up in our waterways, including our drinking water. By contracting the salt routes, we expect to save just under 15 tons of salt per storm. By winter's end, this could mean hundreds of tons of salt kept off Madison roads. And this means hundreds of tons of salt kept out of our water.

Why were the changes made?

The Streets Division reviewed all of the roads that receive salt this fall and found areas where salt use could be curtailed. We found some places where we could temporarily hold off on applying salt, and we also found places that we could permanently remove from the salt route network of streets.

Temporary Removals - Madison Metro School District (MMSD)

Since Madison's public schools are virtual only until at least the middle of January, this means the streets around the schools will be not be used by parents dropping off or picking up their children or driven on by school buses. Therefore, these streets will not be salted.  Once school resumes in-person instruction, these roads will be salted again.

Temporary Removals - Metro Bus Routes

Madison Metro adjusted their routes temporarily in response to the pandemic. If Madison Metro uses a street for their buses, it becomes part of the salt route network. With their service reduced, that means certain streets will not need to be salted for the buses. However, once Metro service returns to these roads, they will once again be treated like a salt route.

Permanent Removals

In reviewing the salt routes this year, we located areas that no longer meet the criteria to be a salt route. These segments of roads have been removed from the salt routes permanently.

What will happen with the streets that were salt routes before but aren't now?

All of the streets removed from the salt route designation will be treated like other residential streets. They will be plowed when three or more inches of snow has accumulated on the roads and the storm is at or near its end. And since they will not be salted, these areas are likely to be snow-covered throughout the winter.

You can read up more about the differences between salt routes and residential streets on the City's Winter website.

Changes to the salt routes in our district

Salt route changes are divided up into three categories: Temporary (Metro), Temporary (MMSD), and Permanent.

  • Temporary (Metro)

    • Amnicon Trl from County Highway BB to Wyalusing Dr

    • Wyalusing Dr from Amnicon Trl to Milwaukee St

    • Milwaukee St from Wyalusing Dr to Sprecher Rd

  • Temporary (MMSD)

    • Agate Lane from Meadowlark Dr to Acewood Blvd

  • Permanent

    • Neptune Court from Atlas Ave to Robertson Rd

    • Robertson Rd/Argosy Ct from Neptune Ct to Atlas Ave

    • Sharpsburg Dr from North Star Dr to Sprecher Rd

    • Wyalusing Dr from Sprecher Rd to Amnicon Trl

    • Dominion Dr from Sprecher Rd to Wyalusing Dr

For more information: City of Madison-Winter and How We Plow The Roads

Additional meeting highlights this week

Inaugural Meeting of the Police Civilian Oversight Board

The Police Civilian Oversight Board will be holding its first, organizational meeting on Monday. The purpose of this meeting is to elect a Chair and Vice Chair, and provide orientation materials to the Board. 

Discussion of Whether MPD Should Adopt Body-Worn Cameras

The Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee will be discussing whether to recommend that MPD adopt body-worn cameras at their meeting on Thursday.

Metro Transit's public hearing postponed

Proposed Service Changes Postponed until 2021

The public hearing scheduled for December 9 has been postponed until 2021. Please continue to provide your comments and feedback on the proposed changes.

Metro and the City of Madison Transportation Commission will revisit the proposed changes in 2021. Stay updated.


Winter Streets

Where to Get Info on Winter Streets, Parking, and Snow

As we enter the winter months, please keep in mind that the City of Madison winter website has a plethora of useful winter information. You can find info about:

  • Snow emergencies, winter parking rules, and how to sign up for alerts to know where to park so your vehicle is not ticketed or towed. 

  • The locations of where to get free sand for your sidewalks and driveways. 

  • Winter recreation opportunities like ice skating and snowshoeing. 

  • The proper way to spread salt to help minimize the effect it has on our environment and drinking water. 

The City's winter website is

--This was adapted from a recent update Alder Heck included in his District 2 blog. Thanks for the good reminder, Alder Heck!

Madison Senior Center & Wisconsin Singers invite you to a free performance 

The Madison Senior Center and UW-Madison Wisconsin Singers are partnering to celebrate the spirit of giving back with a free virtual performance. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 1st via Zoom, starting at 1 pm. Learn more including how to attend.

Brush up on salt use in 3 easy steps

Residents should try to manually remove snow as soon as possible to avoid slick conditions and unnecessary salt use, especially on paths and sidewalks.

While the first snow is here, residents may use this time to brush up on how to use salt responsibility this winter season and make sure winter maintenance kits are stocked for the next round of winter weather in three easy steps.

Reminder: Madison City Channel now available on Roku

Madison City Channel is now available on Roku streaming devices. Madison City Channel is the City of Madison's municipal television channel, a service provided by City of Madison Information Technology (IT). Madison City Channel covers essential City board, commission, and committee meetings, as well as events like panel discussions and community listening sessions. Madison City Channel also presents public affairs programming, featuring City officials, community leaders, and candidates in local elections. 

Reminder: Provide your thoughts on the Shared Streets Program

The City is reaching out to the public to help gather information on the Shared Streets Program. You're encouraged to complete a survey by December 1. Links to the survey in the following languages:

COVID-19 updates and resources

City meetings schedule

City weekly meeting schedule

The Mayor's meeting schedule

The County weekly meeting schedule

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