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1750 + 2002 City View Drive

1750 City View Dr

Request/Application Type: Certified Survey Map

Reapproval of a CSM to re-create one commercial lot and one outlot for stormwater management. (CSM originally approved by the CC on 10/6/2020 (Legistar File 61822) but wasnt recorded within one year so required re-approval.)


Legistar Files: 67612

Meetings & Review

Common Council: 10/06/2020

Background Information

Date Submitted: 08/17/2020
Date Circulated: 08/17/2020
Comments Due: 09/25/2020
Property Owners: City Of Madison Engineer
Project Contact: IA CROSSROADS LLC,
Alderperson: Sabrina Madison, District 17,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks