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The Historic Preservation Plan

Preservation Program Initiatives

This page contains information on current and recent projects and initiatives of the Madison Preservation Program.

Historic District Ordinance Revisions

In June 2022, Madison adopted its final round of updates to the Historic Preservation Ordinance, closing out a process that began in 2014.

Historic Preservation Plan

The Madison Historic Preservation Plan as developed to celebrate and preserve the places that represent Madison’s collective histories. It provides guidance for development proposals, capital improvements, and implementation to ensure preservation is integrated into both long-range planning and current development projects. The plan recommends strategies and tools to 1) more effectively lead and integrate historic preservation into public policy, 2) utilize existing land use, zoning, and development standards to support preservation, 3) explore educational and promotion partnerships, 4) capitalize on economic development and financial incentives, 5) highlight sustainable building practices, and 6) encourage heritage tourism. The plan was adopted in May 2020.

Last Updated: 07/14/2022