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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan (2018)
The Comprehensive Plan establishes the long-term growth framework for the City, with broad policy recommendations and urban development strategies. Since adoption in 2018, the City has been working to implement the Plan’s recommendations. In addition to reading about implementation progress through the interactive components of the Plan embedded on this webpage, you can also find the annual Progress Update reports below:

Interactive Comprehensive Plan
Use the ‘Summary’ option to navigate quickly to different sections of the Plan that you’re interested in learning about. Use the ‘Full Document’ option to look through the Plan in its entirety.  Use the ‘Guided Tour’ option for other navigational tips.

Comprehensive Plan PDFs and Other Resources

Reduced File Size PDFs: Comprehensive Plan (Parts 1 – 3)

  • Part 1: Introduction, Growth Gramework, Land Use & Transportation
  • Part 2: Neighborhoods & Housing, Economy & Opportunity, Culture & Character, Green & Resilient, Effective Government
  • Part 3: Appendicies

Other Comprehensive Plan Resources

Last Updated: 02/22/2023