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Plan Commission

The Plan Commission makes recommendations to the Common Council on various plans, including the Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood development plans, and neighborhood, corridor, and special area plans (click here to be taken to the Adopted Plans page). Among the Plan Commission's responsibilities is reviewing and making recommendations to the Common Council on any sale or lease of City-owned land, the annexation of land to the City, and zoning map and text amendments (rezonings). The subdivision of land within City limits or within three miles of City limits is also reviewed by the Plan Commission. It also has final approval authority over conditional use permits and the demolition of any principal building in the City.

The Plan Commission meets on the following days in 2022:

Last Updated: 10/10/2023

Plan Commission Resources







  • Chapter 28 - The Zoning Code - Specifies how and for what purpose each parcel of private real estate may be used. Includes the definitions of and associated regulations of the City's various land use districts; proceedures and approval standards associated with several types of land use development requests (Conditional Uses, Demolitions, Rezonings, etc.), etc.
  • Chapter 16 - General Planning - Ordinance outlining the Plan Commission's composition, powers and duties; Land Subdivision Regulations (including Extraterritorial reviews); Plats & Certified Surveys (CSMs); and Condominium Instrument reviews.



  • Development Assistance Team (DAT) - A weekly meeting of representatives from the various city agencies involved in the Development Review process to give site plan-related feedback about development projects.