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Chapel View

645 Schewe Rd

Request/Application Type: SUBDIVISION PLAT

Chapel View Subdivision & Preliminary Plat -- Rezone land generally addressed as 645 Schewe Road and 9951 Old Sauk Road from Temp A and SR-C1 to TR-C3 and create 43 single-family lots, 2 lots for single-family cottage condos, 1 lot for a daycare center, 1 lot for an existing church, & 3 outlots for public stormwater management. (Associated rezoning approved by the CC on 6/5/2018; Legistar File 51169)


Legistar Files: 50994

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 05/21/2018
Common Council: 06/05/2018

Background Information

Date Submitted: 03/27/2018
Date Circulated: 03/27/2018
Comments Due: 05/04/2018
Property Owners: Middleton Community
Project Contact: Chad Wuebben, Chapel View Land Co LLC
Alderperson: Nikki Conklin, District 9,

Planning Contact