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Jannah Village Final Plat

754 Felland Rd

Request/Application Type: SUBDIVISION PLAT

Final Plat of Jannah Village subdivision, creating 49 single-family lots, 4 lots for 2-family twin homes, 4 lots for 4-unit townhouses, 2 multi-family lots, 1 outlot for a public park, and 2 outlots to be dedicated to the public for stormwater management. ------ STATUS: APPROVED BUT INACTIVE as this was replaced with a subsequent Plat submittal (Legistar File 61674)


Legistar Files: 54395

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 02/25/2019
Common Council: 03/05/2019

Background Information

Date Submitted: 01/17/2019
Date Circulated: 01/17/2019
Comments Due: 02/15/2019
Property Owners: Now Jannah Village Plat
Project Contact: Lindsay Hagens, Simply Homes Madison LLC
Alderperson: , District ,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks