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Raemisch Farm Development

4000 Packers Ave

Request/Application Type: SUBDIVISION PLAT

Raemisch Farm Development, creating 76 single-family lots, 2 lots for future mixed-use development, 6 lots for future multi-family development, 1 outlot for public stormwater mgmnt. and wetland protection, 1 outlot for public parkland, 1 outlot for private open space, and 1 outlot for urban agriculture. (Also includes rezoning request (from Temp. A (Temp. Ag.) to TR-C3, TR-V2, TR-U1, CN & CC-T) which was approved on (Legistar File 72876))


Legistar Files: 72365

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 08/29/2022
Common Council: 09/06/2022

Background Information

Date Submitted: 07/06/2022
Date Circulated: 07/06/2022
Comments Due: 08/19/2022
Property Owners: B&g Real Estate Llc Etal
Project Contact: Joel Oliver, Phil Hulse
Alderperson: Charles Myadze, District 18,

Planning Contact