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7101 US Hwy 12 & 18/4502 Brandt Rd/CTH AB

7101 Us Highway 12 & 18

Request/Application Type: SUBDIVISION PLAT

Dane County Sustainability Campus, creating one lot for a future landfill and one lot for future industrial/landfill-related development. (Also includes rezoning request (from PR to IG) (Legistar File 73476) and CSM request (Legistar File 73194), both which were approved on 10/11/2022.)


Legistar Files: 73194

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 10/03/2022
Common Council: 10/11/2022

Background Information

Date Submitted: 08/12/2022
Date Circulated: 08/12/2022
Comments Due: 09/23/2022
Property Owners: County Of Dane
Project Contact: John Welch, Dane County
Alderperson: Jael Currie, District 16,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks