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2605 S. Stoughton Road

2605 S Stoughton Rd

Request/Application Type: Conditional Use

Allow health/sports club (The Monona Academy of Dance) in a tenant space in an existing building in IL zoning. ------ STATUS: Request PLACED ON FILE W/OUT PREJUDICE by the PC on 11/19/2018, at the request of the applicant, who withdrew their request (due to the fact that a Conditional Use was no longer needed due to the recent Zoning Text Amendment.


Legistar Files: 53441

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 11/19/2018

Background Information

Date Submitted: 10/09/2018
Date Circulated: 10/09/2018
Comments Due: 11/09/2018
Property Owners: 2605 South Stoughton Rd
Project Contact: JoJean Retrum, Monona Academy of Dance
Alderperson: Jael Currie, District 16,

Planning Contact

Kevin Firchow