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2219 Monroe Street

2219 Monroe St

Request/Application Type:

Amend Edgewood Campus master plan to allow expanded use of athletic field for Edgewood High School, with future construction of a 1,200-seat stadium, LED lighting and a sound system. ------ STATUS: WITHDRAWN by the applicant. Replaced with request to repeal the CI District Masterplan (Legistar File 56839)


Legistar Files: 53954

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 01/14/2019
Common Council: 01/22/2019

Background Information

Date Submitted: 11/21/2018
Date Circulated: 11/21/2018
Comments Due: 01/04/2019
Property Owners: Edgewood High School Of
Project Contact: Brian Munson, Edgewood High School
Alderperson: Tag Evers, District 13,

Planning Contact

Kevin Firchow