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3230 Larsen Road

3230 Larsen Rd

Request/Application Type:

Construct a 7,340 sq. ft. reception hall in the Town of Blooming Grove (future City of Madison). The property will initially be developed in the Town in accordance with City development requirements (zoning, subdivision, sign code, stormwater mgmnt., etc.) and approved by the City of Madison Plan Commission. The property is not scheduled to attach to the City until October 31, 2027.


Legistar Files: 57106

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 10/14/2019

Background Information

Date Submitted: 08/20/2019
Date Circulated: 08/20/2019
Comments Due: 09/06/2019
Property Owners:
Project Contact: David Wood, Barnwood Events WI LLC
Alderperson: , District ,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks