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1901 Aberg Avenue

1901 Aberg Ave

Request/Application Type: Rezoning (IL to PD(GDP-SIP))

Convert restaurant-tavern into a common building for a portable shelter community with 28 portable shelter units.


Legistar Files: 64797 64300

Meetings & Review

Urban Design Commission: 04/14/2021
Plan Commission: 04/26/2021
Common Council: 05/04/2021

Background Information

Date Submitted: 02/25/2021
Date Circulated: 02/25/2021
Comments Due: 09/06/2022
Property Owners: Occupy Madison Inc
Project Contact: Brenda Konkel, Occupy Madison Inc
Alderperson: Amani Latimer Burris, District 12,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks