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114 W. Wilson Street/115 W. Doty Street/215 S. Hamilton Street

114 W Wilson St

Request/Application Type: Amendment to Existing PD-GDP, Amendment to Existing PD-SIP

Dane County Jail Consolidation (South Tower addition and Public Safety Building renovation). Includes the construction of a seven-story, 280,000 sq. ft. jail addition along W. Wilson Street. ------ STATUS: Request is INACTIVE (Applicant resubmitted application on 10/31/2021 (Filed under Legistar File 60917 and 73953).


Legistar Files: 60917 57747

Meetings & Review

Urban Design Commission: 09/01/2021
Plan Commission: 09/20/2021
Common Council: 10/05/2021

Background Information

Date Submitted: 05/13/2021
Date Circulated: 05/20/2021
Comments Due: 06/18/2021
Property Owners: Dane County
Project Contact: Jan Horsfall, Dane County Public Works
Alderperson: , District ,

Planning Contact