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702 N. Midvale Blvd. & 401 N. Segoe Rd.

702 N Midvale Blvd

Request/Application Type: Amendment to Existing PD-GDP, Demolition Permit

Approve an amended and expanded General Development Plan for Phase 3 of the redevelopment of the Hilldale Shopping Center. Project will consist of the redevelopment of the former BMO building (401 N. Segoe Road) and a portion of the current shopping center (702 N. Midvale Boulevard) in order to expand upon the mixed-use shopping center through the incorporation of new residential, office, hotel, & retail uses. Planned Development (PD). Urban Design District No. 6.


Legistar Files: 68199 68648 67176

Meetings & Review

Urban Design Commission: 12/15/2021
Plan Commission: 01/10/2022
Common Council: 01/18/2022

Background Information

Date Submitted: 11/08/2021
Date Circulated: 11/08/2021
Comments Due: 12/13/2022
Property Owners: Hilldale Shopping Center
Project Contact: Brian Munson, 401 N Segoe LLC & Hilldale Shopping Center LLC
Alderperson: Bill Tishler, District 11,

Planning Contact

Jenny Kirchgatter
(608) 266-4429