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575 Zor Shrine Place

575 Zor Shrine Pl

Request/Application Type: Rezoning (SE to TR-U2), Conditional Use

Construct 5-story, 105-unit apartment building in a residential building complex.


Legistar Files: 72877 72364 72416

Meetings & Review

Urban Design Commission: 10/12/2022
Plan Commission: 08/29/2022
Common Council: 09/06/2022

Background Information

Date Submitted: 07/06/2022
Date Circulated: 07/06/2022
Comments Due: 08/05/2022
Property Owners: Saturday Lot 3 Owner Llc
Project Contact: Mark Laverty, AWH Architects
Alderperson: Nikki Conklin, District 9,

Planning Contact