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4846 Eastpark Blvd

4846 Eastpark Blvd

Request/Application Type: Conditional Use

Construct a five story, mixed use building with 7,650 sq. ft. of commercial space and 119 apartments on Lot 47 of future American Center-Eastpark Fifth Addition plat and a four-story, 82-unit apartment building on future Lot 48.


Legistar Files: 76491

Meetings & Review

Plan Commission: 04/24/2023

Background Information

Date Submitted: 03/02/2023
Date Circulated: 03/03/2023
Comments Due: 03/31/2023
Property Owners: American Family Insurance
Project Contact: Greg Held, Cascade Development
Alderperson: Sabrina Madison, District 17,

Planning Contact

Timothy Parks