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Northeast Area Plan

Northeast Area Plan approval process

The Northeast Area Plan is about to begin the City’s formal review and approval process.  The final draft is now available.  The Plan will be introduced at the Common Council meeting on July 16th.  Introduction is when the Common Council determines the Boards, Commissions, and Committees that will review the draft Plan.  However, the Plan won’t be discussed or acted on at this meeting.

The anticipated review schedule is below, however it is subject to change.  If changes occur, a revised review schedule will be sent to the email list.  There is an opportunity to comment on the draft at each of these meetings.  Agendas and instructions on how to participate can be found on the meeting information pages linked below.  Agendas are typically posted one week in advance.


Over the 18-month planning process, City staff worked with residents, community organizations, neighborhood associations, businesses, and other stakeholders to chart a course of action for the next 10 years and beyond. The draft Plan covers a wide variety of topics, such as land use, transportation, parks and open space, and other elements of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Northeast Area Plan draft is accompanied by both an adopting resolution and an ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan. The resolution includes archiving previously adopted underlying plans. The Comprehensive Plan amendment (ordinance) is limited to key maps, such as the Generalized Future Land Use and Bicycle Facilities map, among others.

Thanks to everyone who have participated in this planning process!


The public review draft for the Northeast Area Plan is here! Read the draft in its entirety or browse plan summary display boards. The draft was discussed at public events in May 2024 and a public comment summary was prepared.
The plan is expected to begin the City's formal review and approval process in July 2024.  All future meeting dates will be posted here and announced on the Northeast Area Plan email list.
Public review draft
A compilation of frequently asked questions, based off of questions and comments received online, via email, and in person, has also been prepared. You can also review a feedback summary as of May 2024. 
After review of public feedback, staff will develop a Final DRAFT Plan for further review and comment by City boards, committees and commissions, which may propose further edits.  The Final DRAFT Plan — and any edits recommended by boards, committees and commissions — will ultimately be reviewed by the Common Council.  Resident comments on the Final DRAFT Plan will be considered by City board, committees, commissions, and the Common Council.
City staff is working with residents, community organizations, neighborhood associations, businesses and others to chart course of action for the next 10 years.  The Plan will cover land use, transportation, parks and open space, and other elements of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The best way to keep up to date on this planning process is to join the project email list, which will provide information about public engagement opportunities and periodic status updates.  Signup is along the right side of this page.
December open house

Project Schedule:

Plan process


The Northeast Area Plan kicked off in January 2023 and will address land use, transportation, housing, parks and open space, stormwater management, economic development, historic and cultural resources, and facilities and utilities. Equitable and inclusive public participation will be key to the success of the process to help ensure that it is accessible to a broad audience, including people who are traditionally underrepresented.

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Northeast Area Plan

Planning Framework

The Northeast Area Plan will be one of the first planning processes following the City’s new Planning Framework.  Approved by the Common Council on August 2, 2022, the Planning Framework is a shift in how Madison approaches planning for areas of the city. The new framework will simplify and standardize the City’s sub-area planning and it is intended to achieve more equitable outcomes by covering the entire city with 12 discrete Area Plan geographies.

Area plans will:

  • Be updated every 10 years to ensure recommendations are timely and relevant.
  • Address a consistent set of topics and include higher-level recommendations for land use, transportation, parks and open space, community facilities, and utilities
  • Include public outreach and engagement during each phase of the planning process with special emphasis on reaching residents and communities typically underrepresented in City processes.
  • Ensure all areas of the City and its peripheral growth areas have plans, and eliminate confusion created from overlapping plan geographies with different recommendations
  • Facilitate enhanced coordination between City initiatives and divisions
Last Updated: 07/11/2024

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Past Meetings

Northeast Area Plan public review draft events

Virtual meetings

May 28 and 29 (presentation and video)

In-person open house events

May 29 and 30 at Reindahl  and Sycamore Parks (display boards)

Draft feedback summary from comments heard at the meetings


Public Feedback Summary (through May 2024)


Open House with WisDOT Hwy 51 Study
April 18, 2024

Landmarks Commission Update

March 18, 2024

Materials - Video

Plan Commission Update

March 14, 2024

Materials - Video


Urban Design Commission Update

March 13, 2024

Memo - UDD #5 revisions - Culture and Character chapter - Presentation - Video


Board of Park Commissioners Update

February 14, 2024

Materials - Video


Transportation Commission Update

January 31, 2024

Presentation - Video


Art Workshop

January 24, 2024

Materials - 


Northeast Area Plan/Wisconsin DOT Joint Event
December 18, 2023
Presentation Video
Presentation Slides
Review Draft Recommendations and add your thoughts
WisDOT Hwy 51 Presentation

Plan Commission Update
December 4, 2023 (Continued on Dec. 11)
Materials - Dec. 4 Video - Dec. 11 Video 


US 51 (Stoughton Road) Public Involvement Meeting
September 27, 2023
WisDOT survey

Burke Heights Neighborhood Walk
September 27, 2023

Northeast Area Connect
August 15th, 2023 - Reindahl Park
August 16th, 2023 - Sycamore Park


Sandburg Neighborhood Walk
July 12, 2023

Community Meetings - May 30 and 31, 2023
Meeting Materials


Northeast Area Open House - March 23, 2023
Multi-agency presentation
Project contacts and links
Comment and feedback summary


Community Meetings - January 31, 2023
Evening meeting recording (hybrid)
Noon meeting recording (virtual)


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