Impact Fees

Map of Impact Fee Districts

Large Map: Impact Fee Districts (September 2018)

Impact fees are fees that are collected to pay for the capital costs to construct, expand or improve public facilities, which are necessary to accommodate land development in designated impact fee districts or zones.

The imposition of impact fees is intended to ensure that public facilities are adequate to meet the development needs of the City and that new development pays a proportionate share of new, expanded or improved facilities required by such development.

Impact fees are determined at the time of development approval and are generally payable in full, at the annually adjusted rate then in effect, at the time of issuance of any building permit under Chapter 29 of the Madison General Ordinances.

The Engineering Division administers several impact fees for stormwater, drainage and sanitary sewer which are located throughout the City of Madison. See Madison General Ordinance Chapter 20 for more information on impact fees within the City of Madison, or Wis. Stat. Sec. 66.0617.

Needs Assessment

Each individual impact fee that has been created by the City has a public facility needs assessment associated with it.  The Needs Assessment for an impact fee provides the rationale for the fee, sets forth how the fee was determined and explains how the fee will be used.  The Needs Assessments for the City’s stormwater, drainage and sanitary sewer related impact fees.

Quarterly Financial Summary

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