Route 38

University Row to Jenifer and Ingersoll via Sheboygan, Segoe, University, Highland, Observatory, Babcock, Linden, Charter, University and Johnson, Broom and Bassett, Wilson and Doty, Wilson, Williamson, and Jenifer St.

Service Type: Weekday

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University Row // Jenifer and Ingersoll

*Trips are NOT operated on holidays or during times the UW is not in session.

FromUniversity Row and UW HealthSheboygan and Eau ClaireUniversity Bay and UniversityJohnson and ParkDoty and MLK Jr.Jenifer and IngersollBecomes Route
GA6:44 am6:47 am6:55 am7:09 am7:15 am7:21 am38
387:14 am7:17 am7:27 am7:41 am7:47 am7:53 am38
387:43 am7:46 am7:56 am8:11 am8:17 am8:23 am38
388:12 am8:15 am8:26 am8:41 am8:47 am8:53 am38
388:42 am8:45 am8:56 am9:11 am9:17 am9:23 am38
389:13 am9:16 am9:27 am9:41 am9:47 am9:53 am38
389:46 am9:49 am9:57 am10:11 am10:17 am10:23 am38
3810:16 am10:19 am10:27 am10:41 am10:47 am10:53 am38
3810:46 am10:49 am10:57 am11:11 am11:18 am11:24 am38
3811:16 am11:19 am11:27 am11:41 am11:48 am11:54 am38
3811:46 am11:49 am11:57 am12:11 pm12:18 pm12:24 pm38
3812:16 pm12:19 pm12:27 pm12:41 pm12:48 pm12:54 pm38
3812:46 pm12:49 pm12:57 pm1:11 pm1:18 pm1:24 pm38
381:16 pm1:19 pm1:27 pm1:41 pm1:48 pm1:54 pm38
381:46 pm1:49 pm1:57 pm2:11 pm2:18 pm2:24 pm38
382:15 pm2:18 pm2:26 pm2:41 pm2:48 pm2:54 pm38
382:45 pm2:48 pm2:56 pm3:11 pm3:18 pm3:24 pm38
383:15 pm3:18 pm3:26 pm3:41 pm3:48 pm3:54 pm38
383:44 pm3:47 pm3:55 pm4:11 pm4:18 pm4:26 pm38
*GA4:21 pm4:37 pm4:44 pm4:52 pm38
384:14 pm4:17 pm4:25 pm4:41 pm4:48 pm4:56 pm38
*385:08 pm5:15 pm5:23 pmGA
384:45 pm4:48 pm4:56 pm5:11 pm5:18 pm5:26 pm38
385:15 pm5:18 pm5:26 pm5:41 pm5:48 pm5:56 pmGA 
385:46 pm5:49 pm5:57 pm6:11 pm6:18 pm6:24 pmGA 
*Trips are NOT operated on holidays or during times the UW is not in session.  

Johnson // University Bay // Sheboygan

*Trips are NOT operated on holidays or during times the UW is not in session.

FromJenifer and IngersollWilson and MLK Jr.University and ParkUniversity Bay and UniversitySheboygan and Eau ClaireUniversity Row and UW HealthBecomes Route
GA6:32 am6:38 am6:45 am6:55 am7:03 am7:08 am38
GA6:58 am7:05 am7:15 am7:27 am7:35 am7:40 am38
387:28 am7:35 am7:45 am7:57 am8:05 am8:10 am38
388:00 am8:06 am8:15 am8:26 am8:34 am8:39 am38
*388:11 am8:20 am8:31 am38
*388:26 am8:35 am8:46 am38
388:30 am8:36 am8:45 am8:56 am9:04 am9:09 am38
*GA8:41 am8:50 am9:01 am38
*388:56 am9:05 am9:16 am38
389:00 am9:06 am9:15 am9:26 am9:34 am9:39 am38
*389:11 am9:20 am9:31 am38
*389:26 am9:35 am9:46 am38
389:31 am9:37 am9:45 am9:56 am10:04 am10:09 am38
*389:42 am9:50 am10:01 am38
*389:57 am10:05 am10:16 am38
3810:01 am10:07 am10:15 am10:26 am10:34 am10:39 am38
*3810:12 am10:20 am10:31 amGA
*3810:27 am10:35 am10:46 amGA
3810:31 am10:37 am10:45 am10:56 am11:04 am11:09 am38
*3810:42 am10:50 am11:01 amGA
3811:01 am11:07 am11:15 am11:26 am11:34 am11:39 am38
3811:31 am11:37 am11:45 am11:56 am12:04 pm12:09 pm38
3812:01 pm12:07 pm12:15 pm12:26 pm12:34 pm12:39 pm38
3812:31 pm12:37 pm12:45 pm12:56 pm1:04 pm1:09 pm38
381:01 pm1:07 pm1:15 pm1:26 pm1:34 pm1:39 pm38
381:31 pm1:37 pm1:45 pm1:56 pm2:04 pm2:09 pm38
382:01 pm2:07 pm2:15 pm2:26 pm2:34 pm2:39 pm38
382:31 pm2:37 pm2:45 pm2:56 pm3:04 pm3:09 pm38
383:01 pm3:07 pm3:15 pm3:28 pm3:38 pm3:43 pm38
383:31 pm3:37 pm3:45 pm3:58 pm4:08 pm4:13 pm38
384:01 pm4:07 pm4:15 pm4:28 pm4:38 pm4:43 pm38
384:33 pm4:39 pm4:47 pm5:00 pm5:10 pm5:15 pm38
385:03 pm5:09 pm5:17 pm5:30 pm5:40 pm5:45 pm38
385:33 pm5:39 pm5:47 pm6:00 pm6:10 pm6:15 pmGA
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