Route 75

Service between the Capitol Square and Epic via West Washington, Park, Fish Hatchery, McKee, Verona Rd., Verona Ave., Epic Lane, and Northern Lights.

Service Type: Weekday


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Epic // Capitol Square


GA = Garage (buses coming from or going to the Metro garage) 

FromEpicVerona and Maple Grove Park and RideMcKee and Maple GroveFish Hatchery and CaddisFish Hatchery and BadgerPark and ErinPinckney and MainBecomes Route
756:40 am6:49 am6:55 am7:04 am75
556:50 am6:59 am7:05 am7:14 am7:19 am7:24 am7:34 am75
757:10 am7:19 am7:25 am7:34 am75
557:20 am7:29 am7:35 am7:44 am7:49 am7:54 am8:04 am75
757:40 am7:49 am7:55 am8:04 am75
557:50 am7:59 am8:05 am8:14 am8:19 am8:24 am8:34 amGA
758:10 am8:19 am8:25 am8:34 am75
558:20 am8:29 am8:35 am8:44 am8:49 am8:54 am9:04 amGA
758:40 am8:49 am8:55 am9:04 am9:09 am9:14 am9:24 amGA
558:50 am8:59 am9:05 am9:14 am9:19 am9:24 am9:34 amGA
759:15 am9:24 am9:30 am9:39 am9:44 am9:49 am9:59 amGA
GA4:45 pm4:54 pm5:00 pm5:09 pm5:14 pm5:19 pm5:29 pm75
754:55 pm5:04 pm5:10 pm5:19 pm75
555:05 pm5:14 pm5:20 pm5:29 pm5:34 pm5:39 pm5:49 pmGA
755:10 pm5:19 pm5:25 pm5:34 pm5:39 pm5:44 pm5:54 pmGA
555:20 pm5:29 pm5:35 pm5:44 pm5:49 pm5:54 pm6:04 pmGA
555:35 pm5:44 pm5:50 pm5:59 pm6:04 pm6:09 pm6:19 pmGA
756:00 pm6:09 pm6:15 pm6:24 pm6:29 pm6:34 pm6:44 pmGA
556:05 pm6:14 pm6:20 pm6:29 pm6:34 pm6:39 pm6:49 pmGA
556:35 pm6:44 pm6:50 pm6:59 pm7:04 pm7:09 pm7:19 pmGA

Capitol Square // Epic

GA = Garage (buses coming from or going to the Metro garage) 

FromPinckney and MainPark and ErinFish Hatchery and BadgerFish Hatchery and CaddisMaple Grove and McKeeVerona and Maple Grove Park and RideEpicBecomes Route
GA5:52 am6:02 am6:06 am6:10 am6:20 am6:25 am6:35 am75
GA6:07 am6:17 am6:21 am6:25 am6:35 am6:40 am6:50 am55
GA6:22 am6:32 am6:36 am6:40 am6:50 am6:55 am7:05 am75
GA6:37 am6:47 am6:51 am6:55 am7:05 am7:10 am7:20 am55
757:10 am7:20 am7:25 am7:35 am75
GA7:07 am7:17 am7:21 am7:25 am7:35 am7:40 am7:50 am55
757:40 am7:50 am7:55 am8:05 am75
GA7:27 am7:37 am7:41 am7:45 am7:55 am8:00 am8:10 am55
757:42 am7:52 am7:56 am8:00 am8:10 am8:15 am8:25 am55
758:10 am8:20 am8:25 am8:35 am75
758:12 am8:22 am8:26 am8:30 am8:40 am8:45 am8:55 am55
758:45 am8:55 am9:00 am9:10 am75
GA3:27 pm3:37 pm3:41 pm3:45 pm3:55 pm4:00 pm4:10 pm55
GA3:57 pm4:07 pm4:11 pm4:15 pm4:25 pm4:30 pm4:40 pm55
GA4:07 pm4:17 pm4:21 pm4:25 pm4:35 pm4:40 pm4:50 pm75
GA4:22 pm4:32 pm4:36 pm4:40 pm4:50 pm4:55 pm5:05 pm75
GA4:27 pm4:37 pm4:41 pm4:45 pm4:55 pm5:00 pm5:10 pm55
GA4:57 pm5:07 pm5:11 pm5:15 pm5:25 pm5:30 pm5:40 pm55
755:30 pm5:40 pm5:45 pm5:55 pm75
755:37 pm5:47 pm5:51 pm5:55 pm6:05 pm6:10 pm6:20 pm55
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