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improving transit together

Improving Transit Service Together

The Metro Transit Network Redesign will design a route system that will better meet the needs of Madison area residents and businesses by increasing access and frequency, decreasing travel times, and improving the quality of transit riders’ experience. 

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Project Goals
The Metro Transit Network Redesign aims to create a new system of bus routes to better meet the needs of Madison area residents and businesses. Metro Transit has not planned changes this substantial since transfer points were installed over 23 years ago.

More Access, Faster Routes, Better Experience

The network redesign must balance a number of important goals:

  • Simplify service
  • Reduce travel times
  • Increase ridership
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Improve service for underserved and disadvantaged communities
  • Improve evening and weekend service
  • Complement the East-West Bus Rapid Transit route 


Next Steps

project timelineMetro Transit’s Network Redesign will include a robust community engagement process throughout each phase using a range of tools including surveys, workshops, public meetings, focus groups, and other events. Engagement will be virtual for the foreseeable future. As COVID protocols and weather permit, some activities in the second and third phases may occur outdoors and in person.


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