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Aldo Leopold Park

Aldo Leopold Park
Address: 2906 Traceway Dr.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Neighborhood
Acres: 11.09
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: Yes

Park Details

Aldo Leopold Park Pump Open with Caution (updated 06/13/2024) - Due to rain delays, work continues on the infield of the pump track in Aldo Leopold Park. Track users should avoid using it when workers are present. 

This 11-acre park is located south of the beltline, between Fish Hatchery Road and Seminole Hwy., and features a reservable picnic shelter, ball field, full-court basketball, a playground installed in 2016 and a hill perfect for sledding in the winter. 
pump track
The Pump Track at Aldo Leopold Park

Park Highlights

The Saris Foundation Bike Park

Inspired by the children of the neighborhood, big dreams can come true. In 2021-22 the park saw a transformation into the Saris Foundation Bike Park with the opening of the pump track and in 2023 the Cannonball Bicycle Adventure Trail, also known as the Cannonball Singletrack. 

This course is designed to use the terrain of hills and curves to maintain your speed and gain momentum as you bike the track with minimal or no pedaling. Ride the track by shifting your body to pump the bike over the bumps and through the berms.

Please be courteous to neighbors and other park users
by observing the following guidelines:
• One-way traffic only, travel in a counterclockwise direction
• For your safety, keep moving or move off the track
• Be courteous to others
• Wear a properly fitted helmet at all times
• Please ride on pavement
• Do not walk or ride on the grass inside the track
• No night riding
• No loud music
• Have fun!

What is a pump track? The basic goal of a pump track is to use the terrain, in this case, hills and curves on asphalt to maintain your speed and gain momentum as you bike the track with minimal or no pedaling.  
The Pump Track at Aldo Leopold Park
Pump & Skills Track Map


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