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Hiking Hiking is a great way to get out and explore Madison Parks. Thousands of acres in our parks offer everything from easy strolling to secluded, meandering walks through the woods. You can hike through many of our conservation parks that feature natural areas that focus on the restoration of native plant and animal communities. While our neighborhood parks provide a series of paths and trails of varying lengths and features great for walking.

Acewood Conservation Park - Hiking

Cherokee Marsh - Mendota Unit - Hiking

Cherokee Marsh - North Unit - Hiking

Cherokee Marsh - South Unit (School Road) - Hiking

Edna Taylor Conservation Park - Hiking

Elvehjem Sanctuary - Hiking

Elver Park - Hiking

Park: Elver Park

Glacier Crossing Park - Hiking

Heritage Prairie - Hiking

Heritage Sanctuary - Hiking

Hiestand Woods - Hiking

Hoyt Park - Hiking

Park: Hoyt Park

Kettle Pond - Hiking

Park: Kettle Pond

Knollwood Conservation Park - Hiking

Meadow Ridge Park - Hiking

Owen Conservation Park - Hiking

Paunack (A.O.) Marsh - Hiking

Prairie Ridge Conservation Park - Hiking

Quarry Park - Hiking

Park: Quarry Park

Sandburg Woods - Hiking

Starkweather Park - Hiking

Stricker's Pond - Hiking

Turville Point Conservation Park - Hiking

Warner Park - Hiking

Park: Warner Park