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Tavern Safety Training

August 22, 2016 10:22 AM

With UW-Madison classes starting on September 6th the bars in downtown Madison will once again be filling up.  As a reminder, the Central District Community Policing Team offers a free Tavern Safety Training for any bar or liquor establishment upon request.

            The main emphasis of the training is safety.  One of the areas of concern for bar safety is capacity issues, not just the sheer number of patrons in the tavern but also the density of the crowd. The training offers tools and advice on how to manage crowds within a confined area. It also touches on emergency preparedness and importance for staff to have known assignments when confronted with a disturbance or critical situation.

            The training provides suggestions on how to identify and resolve issues with intoxicated and/or disruptive patrons.  Many people are unaware that in the State of Wisconsin it is illegal to serve a customer who is already intoxicated, or to allow an intoxicated person into a tavern. Staff can avoid potential confrontations by actively assessing their patrons' intoxication level.

            Last and certainly not least, this training will also discuss issues related to underage patrons attempting to enter the bar. Attendees will be provided tips on how to spot a fake or fraudulently used ID's.  

            It is a goal of the Madison Police Department to give bar staff and owners as much information as possible to help their business run smoothly and safely.  If you are a employee or owner of a bar and wish to have a Tavern Safety Training please contact the Madison Police Department Central Community Policing Team at (608) 266-4248 or contact

Officer Chad Crose at or

Officer Casey Cherne at

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