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Winter on the Isthmus

December 19, 2016 10:35 AM

Central District Neighborhood Resource Officer Blog


Winter on the Isthmus

The winter season has finally found Madison and I would like to take this opportunity to share some relevant information. 


The first couple snowfalls, regardless of the amount, usually result in several highly preventable vehicle collisions and slide offs. Allowing some extra time, some extra stopping distance, and reducing your speed will ensure that you do not wind up in this category.  During weather events where MPD resources cannot respond to the high volume of vehicle collisions, our Limited Crash Response protocol will be enacted. This means that an officer will not respond to a crash unless there is roadway blockage or injury and officers will not respond to private property crashes.  Wisconsin Statutes still require that drivers involved in crashes exchange appropriate information afterwards, regardless of an officer responding.  In this situation, involved persons can report the crash by utilizing the MPD Self Reporting Unit on our website or by telephone at (608)245-3662.


Many residents in the Central District will travel for extended periods during the holiday season. During this time of year we often unfortunately see an uptick in burglaries as well as theft.  You can submit a Vacation Watch Request to MPD which lets the officer patrolling your area know the time frames they can stop by to check your residence/property.   Prior to leaving your residence, we encourage you to take a few precautionary measures. Be sure to lock up doors and windows, make sure your valuables are out of sight, utilize a timer for lights, have your mail held, and enlist a trustworthy neighbor or friend keep an eye out.


Winter resources for homeless persons, including warming spaces and day shelters can be found throughout the downtown area.  There are a variety of service providers with different days and hours. For the most up to date information, call the Dane County Housing Resource Line at 1-855-510-2323 or view their detailed guide.


Finally, it can be helpful for downtown residents to revisit the winter parking rules and snow emergency procedures website where you can sign up to receive a text message or email when snow emergency rules are declared.


Have a safe and happy holidays!


Officer Matthew Baker

Central District Neighborhood Resource Officer





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