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Introduction of New Captain

February 6, 2017 3:20 PM

Hello!  My name is Jason Freedman and I was recently promoted to Captain and subsequently assigned to the Central District.  Captain Carl Gloede retired after a distinguished career at MPD, culminating as Captain of Central for 6 years.  We will miss his experience and knowledge, and we wish Captain Gloede the best as he moves to a new chapter of life!


I grew up on the west side of Madison. After graduating high school, I received my undergraduate degree from UW Madison, and later returned for my Masters in Public Administration from the UW Oshkosh.  I have lived or worked in Madison for my entire life and have deep connections to this community. I am committed to the health, safety, and quality of life for all of Madison's residents. 


My first remarkable full time job was with Community Development Authority (CDA) where I worked in the Public Housing and Section 8 area.  It was an experience to see the barriers that some experience when trying to fulfill a basic need; and, unfortunately, many barriers remain, even 20 years later.  It helped to fuel my passion of service to the community that helped to shape and educate me.


In 1997 I had the privilege of being hired by MPD, and I've enjoyed a rewarding career thus far:  as a patrol officer north, west and south; neighborhood officer for Baird/Fisher; training officer (training remains a great passion of mine); Patrol Sergeant (north); CPT Sergeant (north); Narcotics Unit Sergeant, and Narcotics Unit Llieutenant.  I'm also proud of my SWAT involvement over the years as a team member, team leader, negotiations sergeant, and tactical commander.


My best experiences at MPD have involved being a part of great teams, and I am very excited about 2017 and our Central team.  We have an extraordinarily talented and diverse group of women and men that will be serving the district and the community.   I have no doubt that their law enforcement and life experiences and their commitment to service will shine through and demonstrate their empathy, competence, and embrace of MPD's core values.  I am thrilled to be part of and work with this team!


We have a great team, but we cannot be successful without teaming effectively with our citizenry; many of our most pernicious and present issues cannot be solved by arrest alone and require broader and more nuanced approaches.  Policing in partnership with the community is a personal and district goal for 2017, and you can expect to see me and my team at community events and meetings, providing important information, engaging in educational opportunities and the like.  I encourage you to talk to officers you meet--we are people first and like you have families, dreams, and challenges.  So please do not hesitate to reach out when you have questions, concerns, information, or comments.

As I move into the district, I know I have a lot to learn--and a lot of people to meet and get to know.  I look forward to learning the nuances, people, and soul of our very unique Central District.


Thank you!


Photo of Jason Freedman


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