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Mifflin St: Saturday, 4/29/17

April 27, 2017 9:56 AM

Hello all,


As many of you are already aware, this Saturday, April 29th, will see large gatherings of people and active house parties on and around Mifflin St.  Activities associated in the Mifflin St area are unsanctioned.


While Mifflin St varies from year to year, it is routine to see large numbers (1000's) of people congregating in the 400 and 500 blocks of Mifflin St and the surrounds, and mass quantities of alcohol are consumed.  In addition, disturbances, fights, and other similar issues are not uncommon.  Given the density of people and the presence of alcohol, Mifflin St has a significant potential to impact public safety and peace.


In the weeks leading up to this coming weekend, MPD has made a number of contacts in the Mifflin St area, educating the students, residents, and landlords about what is (and is not) appropriate conduct.  As always, MPD is committed to educate.


MPD is also committed to public safety and good order; as such, MPD will be robustly staffing the Mifflin St Block Party.  In addition to MPD personnel, including our Special Events Team (SET), DCSO will also be providing a contingent to assist with maintaining order and safety.


MPD discourages attendance of the party; if you decide to participate, please be aware of the following:


  • There is a glass ban in effect; no glass containers are allowed


  • Intoxicants are not allowed on public space including sidewalks, terraces, and

the roadway


  • MPD will be paying special attention to alcohol related concerns including underage persons in possession of intoxicants


  • MPD's operating philosophy combines education and enforcement; people attending the event should expect to be held accountable for their behavior


  • There are no amplification permits and any equipment being set up will be removed


  • It is a violation of Madison ordinances to sell merchandise, alcohol, or food even on private property without a permit

  • There will be no closure of streets, and traffic and pedestrian laws are still in place


  • Ordinances and criminal statutes will be enforced



Thank you and be safe!




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