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Burglaries on Langdon Street - Neighborhood Officer Grant Humerickhouse

September 18, 2013 9:53 AM

During the last several days, I have received reports from patrol officers taking residential burglary complaints in the Langdon Neighborhood. These reports are concerning because the nature of the crimes put the personal safety of citizens of the Langdon Neighborhood at significant risk.

The reported incidents have not yet resulted in a victim being injured, but several have occurred while victims have been asleep in the same apartment/building where the suspect or suspects have entered.

Note that the suspect or suspects:

  • Are entering unlocked windows and doors, where they sometimes cut the screens.
  • Are taking small electronics, laptops, cell phones, US currency, and wallets.
  • Are committing the crimes while victims are in the residence.
  • Are committing the crimes mostly after bar time and into the early morning hours.

Things to consider about your residence:

  • Are all doors and windows secured and have they been checked?
  • Are there items visible from the outside of the apartment that would be targeted?
  • Have you documented serial numbers and taken pictures of all electronics?
  • Do you have sensor lights on the exterior of your building?
  • Are the main doors to your building secured and locked?

If a person sees suspicious behavior or a crime being committed they should call 911 immediately to report the incident. For more information or to talk with the Langdon Neighborhood Officer, email me, Grant Humerickhouse, at

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