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Burglary Prevention and Information

March 16, 2018 2:36 PM

The below blog is from Central Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) Ken Brown.


Ken ably wears many hats in the Central District and is currently our lead liaison at the Beacon and doing lead work in the currently vacant Langdon St Neighborhood Officer position.



New beginnings, spring is coming!


As we head into the end of March, spring is right around the corner, and spring break for UW-Madison and MMSD is fast approaching.  Many students and families will head to warmer climates with an abundance of sunshine to avoid the late March snowfall that inevitably happens in Wisconsin.  Windows and doors will soon open to allow the cool spring breezes into houses and apartments, and that can lead to opportunities for burglars to enter and plunder.  The ten most common items taken during burglaries in the Central District are:


Laptop Computer


Video game consoles


Video Games

Cell Phones

Digital Cameras

Wallets or purses

Loose Change



One thing that we ask is that you write down serial numbers for some of these items, as that information is crucial in locating items that are pawned.  A few tips in preventing burglaries are, lock your windows and doors, report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, conceal your valuables when not home, consider renters insurance, and keep an external hard drive with important information/documents.  If you are leaving for an extended period consider the following:


Tell your neighbors

Stop your mail, magazine or newspaper subscriptions

Leave an inside light on

Let a friend house-sit

Notify your landlord

Fill out a vacation watch request on MPD Website:


Enjoy the spring!


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