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New Langdon St Neighborhood Police Officer

June 22, 2018 2:51 PM



Please see the below introductory blog from our newest neighborhood officer--while he is new to the role, Damion has been a central district stalwart and I am very pleased to have him in this new role!


My name is Officer Damion Figueroa and I am the Langdon Neighborhood Police Officer.  I have been with the Madison Police Department for approximately three years and have primarily worked in the Central District.  I am originally for La Crosse, WI.  I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology from St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN).  Within the department, I am also a part of the Special Events Team (SET).  The Central District and my office are located at 211 S. Carroll St and I primarily work 2:00pm-10:00pm.  My hours may vary depending on the changing needs of the Central District. 


My role as the Langdon Police Officer include identifying areas within the neighborhood which are in need of assistance, working with stakeholders to address any problems within the neighborhood, assist the Central District with various events, and proactively collaborating with community members, stakeholders, and counterparts of MPD.  I also serve as a liaison for the Fraternities and Sororities that are affiliated with UW-Madison.


As a Neighborhood Police Officer, I look forward to participating and investing time in this community to reduce calls for service, working to address safety and reoccurring quality of life issues, and eventually become a recognized point of contact for residents.  I look forward to the opportunities this position presents and am fortunate to be serving in this role.  


NPO Figueroa's email is  His phone # is 608-282-5683



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