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Moped Parking Downtown

June 25, 2018 9:48 AM



As you well know, the Central District is a unique place with an environment, features, and issues all its own.  One of those features is parking--a ubiquitous challenge for those who frequent the downtown.  Within that issue is an only-in-the-Central-District subset related to moped parking.  The below was prepared by first detail PO Mike Franklin...thanks Mike!


Central Moped Parking Rules



We in the central District have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with parking issues, but none more frustrating than when we had to deal with mopeds parking on the sidewalks. We have had moped riders parking all willy-nilly in bike racks on terraces. This causes complaints from bicycle riders and pedestrians now lacking places for their bikes and room to safely walk.  We also field complaints of moped riders diving blocks upon blocks on the sidewalks, to make it to areas in front of buildings to park and clog up the sidewalks. But then we got HELP!


The Madison City Council Passed an ordinance in early August of 2017 to tighten moped regulations to create more public walking space on campus and downtown which went into effect on January 1, 2018 . On-Street Parking mopeds and motorcycles may park on-street in any legal space in accordance with signage and other parking regulations. In a standard auto metered space, up to three mopeds/motorcycles may park in a single metered space. There are also on-street metered spaces designated for motorcycle/moped parking only, which have a lower hourly rate than standard auto spaces. The rate for motorcycle/moped only spaces is $1.00 per hour. The cost of parking at a standard metered space is $2.00 per hour in the downtown area and $1.30 per hour in periphery areas. If you would like more information on Moped street parking refer to MAPD's pamphlet that is available in the central district Briefing room.
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