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Central District Blotter

July Crime Information

August 16, 2018 7:15 PM

Hello All!


As part of our ongoing efforts to be informative and share information, I will provide some monthly crime data on my blog. 


MPD's dedicated Crime Analysts create this product.  We use it to help to identify trends within and across districts, and to help focus resources on 'hot spots'.


Below are excerpts from the JULY 2018 report:


Shots Fired:

In Jul of 2018 there was 1 shots-fired central


For the month of July there were 11 incidents city-wide


Year to date for the City there have been 112 shots fired--a 6.7% DECREASE over last year


Gang Activity:

Central district continues to experience large crowds on weekend nights in the area of the 600 block of University Ave. Gang members and associates are frequently seen hanging out in this area before and after the bars close. In addition to activity around the taverns, significant incidents have happened at the parking ramps and the high-rise apartment units in the area, MPD staffs this area on weekends with several additional officers to proactively make contact with these subjects to help remove any anonymity they may feel by being in a large crowd in the central district. Gang Officers have been a frequent part of DSI.



There were 31 robberies city-wide in July, 10 of which were in the Central District


The five year city-wide average for July robberies is 22


37% of robberies took place between 9p-2am



City-wide there were 119 burglaries in July compared to 79 burglaries in July of 2017, a 51% increase


There were 41burglaries central in July of 2018


***At least 51 burglaries took place while a resident was home***

***At least 46 burglaries involved an unlocked door***

***2 firearms were taken during July burglaries***


Heroin Overdoses:

Overdoses attributed to opiates continue to be a major problem in Madison (and throughout the nation).  The lethality of these drugs--thanks to incredibly potent synthetics--continues to increase.  


In July of 2018, Central had 8 overdoses; in July of 2017 there were 2


CITY WIDE: In the month of July 2018, there were 30 known overdoses. In July of 2017 there were 13 OD's city-wide.


FATALITIES: In July of 2018 there were 2 suspected deaths from heroin--compared with 3 opioid related fatalities in July of 2017.


MARI: Patrol referred 11 people to the MARI program in July


MARI is the Madison Area Recovery Initiative, a program that MPD launched and for which MPD secured the grant funding.  MPD works in partnership with a host of other agencies and stakeholders to use this alternative to traditional arrest.


Stranger Sexual Assaults (includes 1st, 2nd, and 4th degree):

City-wide, there were 8 assaults in July (there were 3 in July of 2017)


Central had 4 assaults in July of 2018 and 1 in July of 2017



Jason Freedman

Captain of Police

Central District

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