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Freakfest 2018

October 25, 2018 8:43 AM

Freakfest 2018




As many of you already know, Freakfest 2018 is taking place this Saturday, October 27th.


Freakfest is an extraordinary event that typically sees tens of thousands of revelers descending into the State St event area and involves multiple music stages, fencing off the entirety of State St, and the closing of streets and rerouting traffic (including changes to Madison Metro routes).


There will be hundreds of law enforcement personnel from Madison PD, Dane County Sheriff, UWPD, and other agencies working the event, along with SET (Special Events Team) personnel.  In addition to sworn law enforcement, approximately 200 private security personnel are also assigned to the event. The Madison Fire Department, Madison Streets Department, Parking Enforcement, and others are also key partners working in partnership towards a safe and uneventful evening.


Safety is our number one priority, and MPD is very aware and conscious of recent tragic and significant events in the U.S. and abroad.  Plans for this event (and others) include numerous contingencies and strategies; continuous improvement is one of our core values and we apply it to event planning--especially major events such as Freakfest.


Here are some important things to remember if you plan on being in or near the Freakfest event:


The event hours are from 7pm to approximately 1:30am


Streets in the event zone will begin closing at approximately 5pm on Saturday and should re-open at approximately 3:00am.Some streets/areas may see restrictions in place earlier/later



This is a ticketed and gated event; you need to have a ticket to get into the event zone:

Tickets are available in person at

Lake and State

Gilman and University

Johnson and Broom

Johnson and Carroll


Gates are located at:

Lake and State

Gilman and State

Broom and State

Johnson and State

Henry and State

Frances and State


There is a glass ban in effect after 9pm in the event zone


Metro routes will be impacted/rerouted during the event; for information check:



For information on street closures go to:




If you are going, DO NOT bring the following:

Open containers of alcohol

Glass containers


Facsimile weapons

Implements or tools that could be used as improvised weapons

Backpacks will not be allowed into the event



MPD's goal for this event is your safety.  For the event to be safe we need those attending to be good guests:

Do not bring prohibited items into the event

ALL City ordinances and State laws apply within the event zone

MPD will have a 'zero-tolerance' for alcohol related violations

Law enforcement and security are there for your safety and protection; please cooperate and comply with their requests



Thank you and be safe!


Jason Freedman

Central District Captain

Madison Police Department


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