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Mifflin St 2019

April 25, 2019 8:29 AM

2019 Mifflin Street Event



This Saturday, April 27th, is the annual Spring event known as the "Mifflin Block Party."  Despite having the label, it should be know that this event is NOT SANCTIONED by the City of Madison. 


The size of the event has varied from year to year.  If you are traveling through the area, expect large crowds and parties in and around the W. Mifflin Street corridor.  Traffic will also be impacted, especially in the areas of 400-500 W. Mifflin, N. Broom, and N. Bassett Streets.  Please plan accordingly.


Public safety is our #1 goal. 

There will be high number of police personnel assigned to the event and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Dozens of officers from the MPD Special Event Team as well as those from the Dane County Sheriff's Office will be on foot patrolling the area.  The will also be a robust mobile contingent on hand to assist with maintaining order and safety on Mifflin and throughout the Central District.


MPD's operating philosophy combines education and enforcement.  People attending the event should expect to be held accountable for their behavior. 


Alcohol:  The Madison Department does not condone underage drinking, violent or disruptive behavior. 

Persons who are of legal drinking age are able to drink on private property ONLY if they have express permission to be on the premises.
It is unlawful to procure alcohol to someone who is not 21.  It is also unlawful to dispense alcohol to the public without a permit. 
It is unlawful to possess open alcohol on the Public Street or Right-of-Ways.  This includes the street, the public terrace or any publicly owned space.


Glass Ban:   The City of Madison has enacted a Glass-Free Zone for the Mifflin St area.  This ban in intended to keep residents, guests and public safety personnel safe during the event.  Any person carrying a glass container on public property is in violation of this ban and may be issued a city ordinance citation. The ban is in effect from 6:00am on April 27, 2019 through 6:00am April 28, 2019.


Music:  Any music must be kept at a reasonable level.  Amplified music that emanates beyond the boundaries of the property and deemed unreasonable might result in a noise citation. 


Trash:  The event routinely generates a good deal of trash on public and private property.  Please be a good neighbor or guest and place trash in the proper refuse/recycle receptacle or city trash bin.


Other reminders: 

There are no street closures planned.  All traffic and pedestrian laws are still in place.
It is a violation to sell merchandise, alcohol, or food even on private property without a permit.
It is unlawful for you to be on private property without consent if the property is posted or if you were duly informed.
All ordinances and criminal statutes will be enforced



The Madison Police Department wants you to have a fun and safe event.  If you need police assistance during the event, please dial 911 or contact Dane County Non-Emergency Dispatch at (608) 255-2345

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