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March and April

May 2, 2019 8:31 AM


The below entry was prepared by Lt. Dan Nale of CPD.  He created the summaries of these calls a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the signficant callshave not stopped, and in the two weeks that have passed between April 20 and today, CPD Officers have responded to several additional challenging incidents, including two separate calls where officers were injured.



Starting in early March, Central District's officers have seen numerous serious calls for service.  These complex, stressful calls have ranged from the heart wrenching to the terrifying.  Given that we have not even made it to the summer months when traditionally things get very busy city-wide, it is important to recognize the efforts of our officers.  Throughout these calls, the officers have packaged together top-notch investigations through teamwork, all the while maintaining their professionalism and positivity.  Each night they come back to work ready for the next "big one".  The Central District Command staff is very appreciative of all of their efforts and would like recognize them for these incidents:


March 3rd.Officers were called to check the welfare of a subject in the company of Fire Rescue, believed to be on narcotics.When officers went to place the subject into Protective Custody, the subject resisted.Most likely due to the condition known as Excited Delirium, the subject was not effected by ECD deployments and managed to drag three officers up a flight of stairs while trying to get back to his room (where a large knife was believed to be kept).Officers were able to take the subject into custody after a long physical confrontation without seriously injuring the party.


March 29th, 2019. Officers were called after multiple reports of shots fired.An injured party was found, who happened to be the resident of an apartment that had been home invaded.Officers were able to secure multiple crime scenes, recover a firearm that the victim/suspect used on the other parties along with other critical evidence, and canvass the area for information.



March 31st, 2019.Officers were called by a resident after that person heard someone break into their house.Upon arrival, the officers set up a perimeter, ensured the residents were all together in a room that was away from the where the suspect was believed to be, and formed a contact team.Upon finding the suspect inside the residence, officers attempted to take him into custody but encountered resistance.A K9 was deployed during this fight as well.Two officers received soft tissue injuries during this fight.


April 1st, 2019.Officers were called to a building after a 21-month old child was found alone in an elevator.Subsequent investigation revealed that several children had been left alone by their mother for hours inside an extremely unsanitary apartment with dangerous elements (such as a handgun magazine and cooking oil on the stove) available for the children to access.The mother was located, assessed as most likely impaired, and arrested for Child Neglect.



April 8th, 2019.Officers were called to an address reference a residential burglary in progress.Due to another armed robbery in the city, extra officers were at a premium.Upon arrival the suspect fled the residence.After a foot pursuit and upon utilizing a K9 track, officers were able to safely take the suspect into custody.


April 9th, 2019.Officers were called to a horrific crash on the causeway of John Nolan Drive.On arrival, single car was found flipped upside down and an incredibly large debris field.While responding to this scene, one officer redirected to a hospital after hearing that subjects had shown up there stating they had been in an accident.His arrival there (along with other officers) kept the suspects from being able to leave the area.An injured adolescent was one of the victims of this incident.This accident resulted in felony OMVWI charges, a misdemeanor OMVWI charge, a telephonic search warrant for blood, arrangements with DCHS, and the processing of a large accident scene.


April 19th, 2019.Officers were called to a check person at a downtown parking ramp and witnessed an individual jump to their death.


April 20th, 2019.Officers respond to a residence and locate a victim with a gunshot wound to the face.Ultimately it was determined to be an accidental shooting caused by the negligent handling of a firearm by another person.In addition to numerous central units, the VCU was called in and took the lead on this case.Victim miraculously survived.The owner of the gun was prohibited from possessing firearms.


April 20th, 2019.Officers respond to a significant crash only to have the driver continue to flee in his vehicle.MPD personnel attempted to stop the driver but terminated their pursuit after it was clear the driver would not stop.Shortly after the pursuit was terminated, the driver was observed driving at close to 80 mph while still downtown.Driver crashed his vehicle again and fled on foot but was apprehended in the area and taken to UW for evaluation.The call required numerous resources given multiple scenes.





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