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Letter to Mifflin Street Area Residents - 2021 Mifflin Street Block Party

April 12, 2021 3:08 PM

This letter was recently distributed to Mifflin Street Area Residents by the Central District Community Policing Team:

Mifflin Street Area Residents,

The April 24, 2021 event known as the Mifflin Street Block Party will not be a City permitted or sanctioned event.

On April 7, 2021 a new public health order – Emergency Order # 15 – goes into effect. Of note are the following provisions:

  • A gathering INSIDE where food or drink is offered or provided is limited to 150 individuals. Numbers must be limited to ensure individuals maintain six (6) feet physical distancing at all times. Individuals must wear face coverings at all times when not actively eating or drinking.
  • A gathering OUTSIDE must be limited to ensure individuals maintain six (6) feet of physical distancing at all times.

If MPD investigates a house party, indoors or outdoors, and public health violations are observed – the citation(s) will include the following:

7.05(6) Unlawful For Individual To Create/Permit A Health Nuisance (minimum of $376 for first offense)
(Residents can also be cited under this ordinance if they allow violations to occur)

If the Madison Police Department has to respond to your address to investigate a house party we will strictly enforce the following ordinances as well:


  • Underage drinking – If you look under 21 and have alcohol, you will be asked to provide proof of age. (Mandatory Court and citation of $187 for first offense)
  • Procuring Alcohol – If you provide alcohol to someone who is not yet 21, you will be cited. This includes underage people who walk into your open home and help themselves to alcohol. You are responsible for controlling who comes into your home and any alcohol you have in your residence. ($376 per violation per roommate)
  • Dispensing Alcohol – You and your friends who are 21 or older can buy alcohol together and drink alcohol together, but you cannot resemble a bar. Any exchange of money for alcohol constitutes dispensing alcohol. ($681 per roommate)
  • Open Intoxicants on Public Street – The 'Public Street' extends from the sidewalk across the street to the opposite sidewalk. No open alcohol is allowed in this area. ($313)
  •  Unreasonable Noise – Unreasonable noise can include anything from a loud individual person to loud music coming from speakers or other devices. ($187 per roommate)

UW-MADISON: The UW Madison Office of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards assists the City of Madison with holding students who commit illegal activities accountable for their actions. If you choose to have a house party on or around 04/24/2021 and you are cited by the Madison Police Department, your information will be sent to the Office of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.


Letter to Mifflin St Area Residents

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