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Dangerous and Reckless Driving Downtown Madison

July 20, 2021 2:13 PM

On June 5th, 2021, thirty-eight motorcycles rode through the City of Madison, lapping Gorham Street, University Ave, Johnson Street, and East Washington Ave; running red lights, popping wheelies, completing illegal u-turns, and riding in the bicycle lanes.  Additionally, this group eluded two separate traffic stops, and nearly all failed to display any registration tags.  This driving behavior yielded multiple citizen complaints for reckless driving and noise issues.

The Central Community Policing Team's review of traffic cameras resulted in over four hundred documented traffic violations. Utilizing open sources, multiple motorcyclists were identified and contacted. As of today's date, 161 citations have been issued for the dangerous driving behaviors. There have also been several instances where officers attempted stops and the drivers fled. In one case, the driver of the motorcycle has fled from officers on multiple occasions. We are asking for assistance in identifying several motorcyclists who were engaging in this reckless behavior. Please see the images below. If you are able to provide identification of any of these drivers, please contact Crimestoppers at 608/266-6014.

This investigation, in part, is the result of the Central District strategic plan aimed at reducing dangerous driving behaviors in downtown Madison.

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