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Welcome New Central District Personnel

September 27, 2021 11:57 AM

The City of Madison Central Police District is pleased to welcome Lt. Edward Marshall, and new Neighborhood Resource Officer Ryan Jeffery. Although Lt. Marshall and Officer Jeffery are not new to the MPD, they will be taking on new roles to assist in helping the Central District police forward. Please join us in welcoming Lt. Marshall and Officer Jeffery.

Message from Lt. Marshall


My name is Ed Marshall, and I am honored to be the newest Operations Lieutenant for the Central District.  It has been my pleasure to serve the City of Madison for the past seventeen years.  I was most recently the Lieutenant of Training, and before that, I served as a Sergeant in the Professional Standards unit.  Prior to these roles, I was a Sergeant and an Officer in Patrol, and I've been part of numerous special teams and initiatives during my time here. 

I'm excited to get to know and work with all members of the Central District. I look forward to opening new lines of communication and finding solutions to issues pertaining to the district I serve.  If I, or anyone from our team, can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

Lt Marshall

Ryan Jeffery is the new Neighborhood Resource Officer for the Central District. Officer Jeffery obtained a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Georgetown University. Officer Jeffery started his career with MPD in 2018. During his time with MPD, Officer Jeffery has worked as a Mental Health Liaison Officer, a member of the Special Events Team's Medic, Bike, and Logistics Platoons, an Investigative Support Officer, and a patrol officer in the Central and Midtown Districts.

In addition, Officer Jeffery is also an active member of MPD Pride as well as a mentor to the Pre-Service Academy. Please join us in welcoming Officer Jeffery into this new role!

PO Jeffery


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