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Cold Weather Start-Ups

October 6, 2023 10:34 AM

Goodbye summer!  Hello cooler temps!  With the cooler temperatures upon us, this is a good time to remind ourselves not to warm-up our vehicles with the doors unlocked.  Each year we have dozens upon dozens of vehicles stolen when people are warming them up, while leaving their car doors unlocked.  We know suspects will drive around looking for the "easy take" of running vehicles with no one inside the vehicle and doors unlocked.  Sometimes suspects are walking around, looking for the easy grab.  The stolen vehicle happens so fast to unassuming victims.  Don't be that victim this year.  Here are examples MPD encounters when responding to the "warming-up, stolen auto case":  1) victim won't get to work on time 2) victim is missing an appointment 3) their only mode of transportation is gone 4) kids won't get to school 5) no groceries for awhile 6) "when will I get my vehicle back/when will insurance help me?" . . .  and the list goes on.  We depend so much on our vehicles and upon being stolen, victims are at such a loss and are angered.  Save yourself the frustration and lock your cars; or better yet don't warm them up unattended. 

Mike Hanson

Captain-Central Police District

Madison Police Department

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