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Halloween Week

October 25, 2023 9:31 AM

Greetings, we hope you enjoy a safe and fun week of Halloween activities.  Today, Wednesday October 25th starts the week with the "Downtown Madison Family Halloween" (  along with other fun events for all ages.  For Friday and Saturday, we welcome more people to the downtown area celebrating Halloween and hopefully a Badger football victory. The Madison Police Department has been planning for this weekend and your safety is forefront to our agency goals.  There are things you can do for helping ensure everyone has a great, safe, fun time in the Central District.  First should you see anything suspicious call the police. We will have plenty of resources to check out suspicious activity or items.  Second, please exercise patience while you drive as there will be thousands of pedestrians walking and biking, throughout the weekend.  Third, we discourage fake weapons associated with costumes.  Finally, plan your time accordingly so you are not having to rush and make poor decisions. Together we can have a fun-filled, safe weekend downtown. 


Mike Hanson

Captain – Central District

Madison Police Department

Office:  261-9274

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