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Central District Blotter

Season's Greetings. . . with prevention

December 11, 2023 10:59 AM

Season's Greetings from the Madison Police Department – Central District.  We want you to have a fun, safe holiday season. . . to include festive moods after the holidays and not frustration that your place has been burglarized.  Each year, after vacations some people return to their homes realizing they have been the victim of a burglary.  MPD will do our part to provide extra patrols, message out precautions and take reports of suspicious activity; but you can help yourself and MPD by reviewing the below tips and enacting on what you can:

  • Use a timer to set lights/radio/TV
  • Lower your shades/close your blinds
  • Stop the mail
  • Take all your valuables
  • Lock your bike
  • Don't leave cash, cards or keys visible
  • Pack your vehicle the day you leave, avoiding leaving precious items in your vehicle overnight
  • Have a trusted friend check on your place and leave tracks in your driveway if it snows
  • Report suspicious activity to the police (non-emergency 608-255-2345 or 911)


Mike Hanson

Captain – Central District

Madison Police Department

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