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Retirement and Thank You

May 15, 2024 10:45 AM

A few weeks ago I tendered my retirement notice to the Chief of Police stating I will be retiring June 5th.  Lieutenant Angie Kamoske has been promoted to Captain and will be the new Central District Captain. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Madison Police Department (present and retired) and community for the privilege to serve our City.  The 23 years at MPD have been outstanding and I am blessed to have been part of an amazing organization and noble profession. I made it to the "finish line" due to my Faith and my family who support and inspire me.  I am incredibly proud of my work and to have the ability to retire Healthy & Happy.  I am a better person for serving in the Madison Police Department.

As I draw closer to June 5th, I cannot help but reflect of the employees at MPD.  We join this profession as a "call to serve".  The men and women of the Madison Police Department are intelligent, caring and professional and I have been so proud to serve alongside them. There are countless moments I have experienced illustrating a co-worker's elite compassion at scenes or investing their time on/off duty to help our community.  You, the community, are incredibly fortunate to have a progressive, educated, forward-thinking police department.  By comparison I am familiar with dozens and dozens of law enforcement agencies throughout the country and the challenges they face.  We are so fortunate here at the Madison Police Department as we do things right!

There have been a lot of fun stories over the years as well.  The memories and friendships will last a lifetime.  Friends are asking what I will miss?  I will keep in touch with the department and co-workers, so I will see them.  I will truly miss the honor and privilege of proudly wearing the Madison Police Department uniform.  It is special. 

To quote my father upon his retirement, after 26 years with the UW Police Department, "there is a time to come and there is a time to go and my time to go, has come." 

Thank you Madison and a grateful, heartfelt Thank You to the Madison Police Department.

Captain Mike Hanson - Central Police District

Madison Police Department 

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