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Community Policing Team

April 7, 2015 11:59 AM


Hello from the Central District Community Policing Team! As the weather warms up, we imagine many of you will be eager to get out of your house and enjoy the many restaurants and taverns in the downtown area of Madison. We want to share some simple safety tips you can use to prevent crimes from happening to you.


We'd like you to remember the acronym: "SOS."


The first 'S' is for safety in numbers. When you go out, go with a friend or a group of friends, especially at night. Not only will another person or two make you less likely to be a victim of a crime, but a friend can help make sure you get home safely in case you have a drink too many while out at a bar.


The 'O' is for observe your surroundings. Resist the temptation to bury your attention in your phone while walking around. We have all seen the You Tube videos of people walking into to trees while texting! More importantly, if you pay attention to those around you, you'll notice suspicious behavior and can call us to investigate.


The second 'S' is for safeguard your belongings. While out at crowded bars and restaurants keep your phones, purses and wallets with you. Don't put them down on the floor or on a table and leave them unattended. Thieves will take the opportunity to steal unattended items even if you are only gone for a moment. Have a friend watch your things or take only the items you'll need for that night and keep them in your pockets.


We hope you'll use these easy tips while out enjoying the many establishments and events in downtown Madison. Have a great time!

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