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Coffee with a Cop

April 13, 2015 12:47 PM

As part of MPD's embrace of a community-based policing philosophy and desire to build partnerships with our citizens, officers in the Central District have been participating in "Coffee with a Cop" as a way to reach out and meet with people in the neighborhood. Similar to other such programs that many police departments across the nation have already been engaged in, Coffee with a Cop serves as an informal meeting space where MPD and the members of the community can meet without any agendas or formal presentations.


So far this year, topics of conversation have ranged from crime trends in the area neighborhoods and concerns about drug activity to traffic enforcement in school zones and crime prevention tips.


Coffee with a Cop happens every Wednesday morning at 9:00am at Madison Sourdough Company (916 Williamson St). If a call for service comes in during this time, it is possible that officers may need to leave early.


Coffee with a Cop is a way for residents of Madison to become involved, one cup of coffee at a time.

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