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Power Shift Officers - Noon to 8pm

June 30, 2015 10:37 AM

Second detail shift works from noon thru 8 pm. It is a unique shift that overlaps with 1st and 3rd details. During our shift especially in the downtown area we tend to see a trend of similar calls for service. We would like to discuss one particular type of call that we experience that leads to many different types of city ordinance violations and crimes. We have collectively noticed that from the time we start out shift  to the time that we end there is a pattern. Unfortunately that pattern is alcohol abuse pattern that becomes worse as our shift goes on.

What we notice is that there are groups of downtown locals that begin their day consuming alcohol and continue to do so throughout our shift. This is leading to the chronic inebriation of many folks in the downtown area. As the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) rises so does the likely hood that crimes such as disorderly conduct, battery , and theft occur. We also notice that this pattern leads to an increase in city ordinance violations such as open intoxicants on streets, panhandling and disorderly conduct.

When we encounter these folks we are proactive in assisting them in getting the help that need at that time which is taking them to Tellurian Detoxification Center or to a local hospital and encouraging them to seek help that is available through these organizations. In addition we have also placed some folks on a "Chronic Inebriation List." What this means is that is illegal for establishments and vendors to sell alcohol these folks and also illegal for anyone else to provide it to them.

Not only does this become an issue for the victims of the above crimes that are more likely to occur as the alcohol contributes to poor decisions but also for the health and wellness of the individuals who partake in this behavior. We will remain focused on helping these folks out and ask that if you observe this behavior to please report it so we can continue to address this issue for the health and safety of everyone involved.

Officer Kraig Kalka

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