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Springtime Safety

April 1, 2012 8:20 AM

Ahhhh, springtime! Windows are thrown open to air out the house, car windows are rolled down to purge the stale winter air, bicycles are in the driveway and the garage door is up so the kids can put their bikes back in all while you're catching up with the neighbors in your own backyard so why lock up the house? After all, you've been locked in for months! You may see it as an opportunity to put winter behind you but crooks see this as an opportunity to get ahead.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind and Happy Spring from MPD!

• Are your bicycles licensed?
• Do you have the serial numbers of any items with an engine or motor stored in your garage?
• Have you inscribed your name onto tools or painted the handle an attractive neon color? (Color also helps you find tools in the grass!)
• Do your skateboards, etc. have your name imprinted upon them?
• Screens keep bugs out; not people. 4" is open enough for air.
• Do you lock your doors at ALL times?
• Are your valuables on display?
• Have you inventoried your household electronics, jewelry, heirlooms? Do you have serial numbers or photos of such?
• Do you hide keys? DON'T! Keep a set with a trusted person.
• Do you let someone know WHO you're with, WHERE you're going and WHEN you'll be back? I don't care HOW old you are!
• Deadbolt locks and window locks are important.
• Dusk-to-Dawn lights are great and don't cost much to operate.
• Motion Detector lights are good too, but if you want to look outside, you have to wait for a rabbit to waltz by.
• Do shadows fall across your walkways or doorways?
• Do not leave valuables in your car – even if it is locked.
• People steal garage door openers from cars. TAKE IT IN WITH YOU.
• Is your dog and/or cat licensed and vaccinated?
• Is your animal containment system working?

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