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Home and Apartment Safety Tips

March 16, 2016 12:14 PM

An ounce of prevention:

  As families and students leave for their much deserved spring break we are asking that they add one ounce of prevention to whatever they are having.


Bad guys look forward to spring break also. They will be looking for easy scores. MPD will be increasing their focus on burglars but you can help yourself.


Lock all doors and windows.

Window shopping- bad guys will walk around looking in windows for property they can see. If they see something worth stealing they will break in. Lock up or hide your valuables.

Lock up/hide your valuable/mobile property (lap tops, I pads, iPod, cameras, video gaming systems, cell phones, T.V.s).

Track your property-have your serial numbers (use your cell camera to take pictures of serial numbers)

Phone- Consider the security measures available. Security code systems, phone tracking apps.

Delivery's- don't order items for delivery while you are gone. They are targets for thief's and are a tell tale sign that you are gone.

Car shopping- Don't leave anything visible in your car. Bad guys break windows for the coins visible in a cup holder. GPS, device power cords, back packs, school books are all valuable targets.


 Take these few precautions and relax during your vacation.  

Lt. Dave McCaw

Central District


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