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Investigative Support to Central District

April 4, 2016 2:21 PM

The Criminal Intelligence Section of the Madison Police Department is made up of one Sergeant, three Officers, and three Crime Analysts. This unit provides investigative support for the Police Department. The unit works on a variety of long term projects and short turn around projects at the request of Command Staff, Detectives, and Patrol Officers. The analysts provide long term analysis of crime problems and trends which allow field personnel to apply a variety of techniques to address the problems. A great example of this is the leaflet project by the South Community Policing Team in the neighborhood around N. Franklin Ave. This project was a public awareness campaign directed towards thefts from auto which the analysts had identified was a major problem in that small geographic area. This project resulted in a tremendous decrease in these type of thefts from one month to the next reducing this type of incident to near zero. Another example of a project by the Crime Analysts is a long term analysis of crime and public nuisance problems at a pair of hotels in the East District. The unit also creates and distributes wanted bulletins and officer safety bulletins.


One of the Officers is assigned to the Violent Crime Unit and assists that unit in homicide and serious person crime investigations. This Officer does in depth background investigation on victims, suspects, witnesses, and other contacts for the Detectives. This allows the Detectives to be better prepared to interview people in these high profile cases.


One of the Officers is assigned to the Burglary Crime Unit. This Officer assists the Detectives in that unit and works on developing and following residential and commercial burglary trends across the city. This Officer goes into the field with the unit Detectives on operations to apprehend burglars.



PO Scott Favour

Madison Police Department, Criminal Intelligence Section


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